This blog is for me Harpere Resident and my store Busty Boutique. In the world of Second Life I am a fashion designer for women with mesh bodies and body parts of all kinds. Busty Boutique is a store full of outfits of all kinds for different tastes. From sexy to cute, there is something for every lady in Second Life. Come by the store in world Busty Boutique

Hello again Baka

Baka V2 is the short skirt version of the best seller Baka V1. Come by Busty Boutique to check out both sets. Baka comes in 4 colors. Stop by and pick one out for yourself.

Hello Cailey

This sexy and simple outfit comes in 4 great colors. All the appliers shown and shoes. Come by Busty Boutique for this and so much more.

Hola Baka

This week I am continuing the dress series with a new and sexy dress. Baka V1 is the long skirt of the Baka pair. Come by Busty Boutique to see all 4 colors and more of the dresses I have out.

Hi Abella

This lovely dress is just too sexy to keep to yourself. Abella comes in four colors and mesh skirt. Stop by Busty Boutique to see all the colors and much more.

Hello again Yaksha

Here is V2 of the sexy Yaksha dress. This time it comes with a long mesh skirt. It is lovely and comes with all shown appliers and shoes. Stop by Busty Boutique and check out all four colors.

Hello Zhara

This week is something a little different. It is a sexy lingerie outfit. Shoes do not come with this sorry for the misprint but you still get all the great appliers. Come by Busty Boutique to find all the color and some more new stuff.

Hello Yaksha

Yaksha is the second in my new dress series. She comes with a mesh mini skirt. Version 2 will be out soon so stop by Busty Boutique to keep an eye out.

Hello there Xenia

I have just started a series that I am very excited for. I will be making a lot dresses this next few releases. First is Xenia. This sexy dress comes in 4 colors and all the appliers shown. Come by Busty Boutique to see this and much more.

Where is Walda? Only at Busty Boutique

This lovely skirt outfit can be found at Busty Boutique. Walda comes in 4 colors each with appliers and different sized mesh skirts. Stop by to see all the colors and much more.

Hello to Val

This week I have a sexy mini dress for you lovelies. Val comes in 5 colors and appliers. Stop by Busty Boutique to see these and more.

New @ Freaky Friday

I have been bring Busty Boutique to the Freaky Friday event and I am so happy to do so. This week I have a sexy little lingerie set with appliers to offer. Come get Sunrise in 3 colors only at Freaky Friday.

Mimi is back at it

I have finally released a new skin for Busty Boutique and this time I have more appliers for you lovelies. Mimi makeup 02 comes with omega, lolas, sweetlips and slink body and head appliers. So I hope this covers many applier needs. Stop by Busty Boutique and demo this pretty skin and find out which tone fits you best.

Ulani saying hello for summer

It is summer and that means time for bikinis. Busty Boutique has a set Ulani. There are 4 colors 2 in each pack. Stop by Busty Boutique to check them out.

Tacita says hello

This sexy boyfriend shirt dress is great for showing off. Come by Busty Boutique to check out the 4 colors. It comes with mesh ankle boots, omega, slink, and lolas appliers.

Hello to Sabiha

This outfit is cute and ready for the warm weather. Check out all the colors at Busty Boutique. Sabiha comes with Omega, Slink and Lolas appliers.Do not forget the slink shoes.

Hello Rada

Yay I am back. I have been out with my son who was sick in RL then I was. But I am back with a cute outfit for the warmer weather. Rada comes in 4 colors and with omega, slink and tango appliers. Stop by Busty Boutique to check it all out.

Well hello there Odea

Odea is a sexy outfit that shows off just enough and makes them want to see more. Come check out all 4 colors at Busty Boutique in world. The outfit also includes a short vision.

Meet Nadezda

Can find this sexy outfit and much more at Busty Boutique. Appliers for your mesh bodies and parts. Slink High shoes.

Happy Easter with Machi

Busty Boutique is ready for Easter with this cute and sexy outfit. Machi comes in 3 colors. Check them out and more at Busty Boutique.

How you doing Laina?

Laina is a sexy mini dress and even sexier thigh high boots for Slink High feet. Come by Busty Boutique to pick your favorite out of all 5 colors.

Hello beautiful Kadira

Come by Busty Boutique for this sexy lingerie and much more. Kadira comes in 6 great colors. Several ways to wear it with appliers for different parts.

Jacklyn wishes it was warm

This week is another partial mesh outfit. Jacklyn comes with system and appliers top and leggings. The cute pocketed shorts are mesh (PLEASE DEMO FIRST). To complete the look is the slink high heels. Come demo the outfit only at Busty Boutique.

Idelia says Hello

This week is a cute partial mesh outfit with sexy simple heels. Come by Busty Boutique for a demo and check out Idelia in 4 colors.

Mimi says Hello

Mimi is a new skin from Busty Boutique. Mimi makeup 01 is the first in the Mimi line. It comes in 4 skin tones. Each tone has 4 brow options and lola's, omega, and slink hands and feet appliers. Stop by Busty Boutique for demos.

Hadassa for Valentine's Day

This cute outfit is just what you need to say to that special someone this Valentine's Day. Come by Busty Boutique for this outfit and much more.

Rawr Gabrielle

This week is a lingerie set. It is getting close to Valentine's day and this is sure to be on his or her list. Come by Busty Boutique to have a look at the 4 colors.

Hello Fadila

Check out this sexy outfit at Busty Boutique. Make sure to demo first before buying. This outfit comes in 6 colors with appliers.

Meet Eberta

This is the newest partial mesh outfit out at Busty Boutique. Stop by and check it out and so much more. Make sure to grab the demo first.

The newest @ Busty Boutique

The last couple of weeks I have for you some very different looks. First is Cai a sexy mini dress with some heels. Cai is for a night out or just going around shopping. Next is Dae for the badass chicks out there. Dae comes with mesh spiked shoulder pads and ass kicking boots. Come by Busty Boutique to find these and much more.

Getting warm with Baji

Sorry it has been sooo long since I have updated the blog but I hope that will change. I have moved over to working with the Omega system and now also make TMP appliers. And you can find them both here in the Baji outfit. Make sure to demo the outfit first. Stop by Busty Boutique for this outfit and more.

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